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QSP Inspections

Storm ComingWe will provide a proposal that includes a fixed fee per site visit that includes:

  • Site evaluation and make any recommendation for cost effective BMPs.
  • Train you to independently implement the SWPPP.
  • Identify points of discharge (driveways, inlets) and instruct how and when to collect water samples.
  • Prepare a REAP prior to a storm event (Risk Level 2 and 3).
  • Train you to conduct weekly, pre-, during-, and post-storm inspections.
  • Prepare corrective action reports for you if there is a deficiency.
  • Complete your annual report and upload to SMARTS.
  • Conduct a final inspection, take pictures, and submit an NOT to SMARTS to terminate coverage.
  • Provide ongoing compliance support in the event of an enforcement action.

The Permit allows a trained person who is not a QSP to conduct regular inspections of BMPs under the direction of a QSP.  However, only a QSP can complete a REAP within 48 hours of a forecasted rain event that exceeds 50% probability. Depending on your knowledge and ability to independently implement the SWPPP, we can offer to reduce the number of site visits to save you money.