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young architect in front of industrial construction siteA Water Pollution Control Program (WPCP) may be required if the total disturbed area of the project site is less than one acre, but is still required to implement a water quality management plan by the local jurisdiction (i.e., Caltrans).

We will provide a proposal that includes a fixed fee budget to prepare a WPCP:

1) Evaluate your site based on plans or a site
2) Prepare a water pollution control drawing that describes cost-effective BMPs.
3) Prepare the WPCP per the agency’s requirements (e.g., CALTRANS template).
4) Provide on-going support with amendments to the WPCP throughout construction.

We can also provide QSP site inspections and reporting for your project.

Payment is not due until 30 days following acceptance and approval of the WPCP by the reviewing agency.